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Micro-flute corrugated materials combine the graphic appeal potential of traditional paperboard with some of the strength and durability of a corrugated box.  Bradley Press was an early adopter of this relatively new kind of packaging option and it has grown in popularity with many of our customers as well as with us. 

Skin Packaging

Skin packaging can be a practical alternative to blister packs for some products.  Rather than a formed plastic “pocket” to house a particular product, the skin packaging is shrunk around a product.  One advantage is that the different shapes and sizes of a particular product can be skin packages on the same cardboard backing. Our team of packaging professionals can evaluate your product to determine whether skin packaging is a viable alternative to traditional blister.

Bradley Press produces skin board packaging entirely in-house and guarantees a full seal every time. Our skin boards can be found in major retailers such as Home Depot and Lowe’s and package a variety of product ranging from saw blades to curtain rods.

Promotional Packaging

Look to Bradley Press for quality promotional packaging that will get you noticed.  We can develop original design or can you manufacture to your specifications. Our custom promotional packaging has been seen at the NFL draft, the NHL all star game and the NBA all star game.

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